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Decoding the Connected Southeast Asian Festive Shopper in 2021

Southeast Asia is home to one of the most diverse regions across the globe. With a slew of different cultures, ethnicities and identities, there is a reason to celebrate every few weeks at the end of the year. 
While the setbacks from the pandemic may have changed the way we live, the spirit of resilience  and positivity is stronger than ever before in Southeast Asia. Consumers continue to plan to shop this year, and have made choices about the categories, the brands and the products that they plan to purchase.  
Undeniably, lockdowns have caused a shift in the behaviour of the average consumer, be it making purchases online, or shifting budgets to different channels. We discuss all this and more in our report!

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Understand the new shopping behaviours of Southeast Asian consumers  

Learn about consumers’ expectations from online and offline brands and retailers 

Capture Southeast Asia's Mobile Moments of Truth  

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Key Insights 

Trends and Opportunities for Southeast Asia's Festive Shopping Season in 2021 


Report Highlights 

Southeast Asia, Home of the Digital Shopper 

Southeast Asia has welcomed more than 70 million online shoppers since the onset of the pandemic, with over 80% of consumers set to make online shopping a part of their daily lives. What are the trends that will define holiday shopping in Southeast Asia in 2021?   

Halo Indonesia!  

Indonesia, the epicenter of mobile shopping, has seen the highest growth rate in number of digital consumers in Southeast Aisa. In this report, we explore 3 emerging shopper personas- Bargain hunters, category explorers and brand lovers - and how brands and retailers can cater to these personas as we head into the holiday season and beyond.    

Uniquely Singapore 

Online shopping festivals, such as Singles' Day (11 November), "double-digit" sales events, and year-end sales festivals are shaping consumer habits and driving e-commerce growth at an unparalleled rate in Singapore. What does this mean for the holiday shopping season in the island nation?  

Hola Phillippines!

Filipina mothers are the primary influencers for purchases made during the much-anticipated Ber Season. This year, over 97% of Filipina mothers and families plan to center their Christmas shopping on online channels. How will this affect Filipinos who celebrate the longest Christmas Season across the globe which starts at the beginning of September?  

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