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The 2022 Australian Holiday 
Shopping Guide

Australian consumers have always loved shopping at retail stores. But things changed with the pandemic. Now, as they emerge from it with optimism, mobile has become a large part of their shopping journey. Thus, their recently developed habit of shopping online is here to stay, with 44% of Australians saying they will shop both in-store and on mobile. 

The enthusiasm has certainly increased with a significant number of Australians having planned their holiday shopping and choosing the hybrid model (combining online and offline platforms throughout their decision making and purchase journey).  

See how mobile plays a role as the festivities unfurl. 

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Meet Australia’s holiday shoppers and be their companion

Understand the various kinds of shoppers and consumer sentiments 

Journey through the Holiday Shopper Journey, Circa 2022 

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How Brands Can "Sleigh" It

The 2022 Retail Holiday Shopping Playbook Presents Opportunities 


See how brands and retailers can make 
the most of this season