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Mobile game advertising
in 2022

Do marketers have their 
game face on? 

Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing gaming regions in the world. Its young, tech-savvy populace has over 270 million gamers, thanks to whom, mobile game app downloads have increased by 11% YoY. Mobile gaming apps witness highly engaged audience, who are hooked on to their smartphones for a minimum of an hour a day.  

The opportunity this gaming boom presents for brands is incredibly exciting – they can communicate with high-intent audiences, that too in a uniquely engaging environment. Our report takes a closer look at the average marketer’s readiness to include mobile game advertising in their media mix, along with factors that are influencing their decision-making. Through our survey, we spoke to brands and agencies in Southeast Asia, to better understand their approach when it comes to mobile game advertising.  

Southeast Asia's rapidly growing mobile gaming ecosystem


Gaming advertising: Insights, challenges and opportunities 

Busting the myths around ads on mobile game apps

Key takeaways from the report