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Embracing the privacy-first era.  

Now is the time to get a head start on understanding what this means for iOS app performance and your business.  

This Playbook will give you everything you need to have a solid foundation on SKAN so you can adapt and scale according to your needs.

 Inside the Playbook

A full breakdown on Apple’s privacy strategy from ATT to SKAN 4.0

Key changes and improvements in SKAN 4.0 and why these enhancements matter.

Tips and next steps to take to ensure success with SKAN 4.0.

All Rights Reserved. InMobi © 2022

The Essential SKAN 4.0 Playbook

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For a deeper dive into how to drive growth and increase performance for your business in a privacy-first world, visit our SKAN Hub for more guidance and actionable insights.

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