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Improved Inventory Quality

A direct path improves traffic verification because a smaller number of SSPs makes it easier to review data and act on the insights. This also creates a self-policing incentive for the remaining SSPs as they make efforts to remain in this smaller coveted list of partners.

Improved Campaign Performance

An underappreciated aspect of the explosion in programmatic selling is the constant ingestion, review of and generation of insights from the large volumes of data generated every day. Buyers get to improve a lot across all these areas when they work with a smaller set of SSPs as they get to spend more time per unit of information. As a result, average campaign performance improves as the data feedback loop becomes more efficient.

Strategic and Product Alignment with SSPs

When buyers spend more through a preferred smaller set of SSPs, they can influence the SSP product roadmaps to a greater extent. This helps buyers drive product innovation in a direction that suits their business needs and goals better.

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Why Do Buyers Want SPO?

Improved Inventory Quality  

Improved Campaign Performance 

Strategic and Product Alignment with SSPs

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For a more detailed look at supply path optimization, particularly as it relates to in-app advertising, be sure to download our in-depth guide on all things SPO. Learn more about the nuances of in-app SPO, what it means for mobile marketers and how to get started in this handy primer.

Supply Path Optimization for In-App Advertising 

An Advertiser's Guide to SPO